Noistruct recorded live at Mojos Bar Fremante Western Australia April 3rd 2010 at the Tomas Ford "Loudspeeka" Cassingle Launch. The show that got me banned from the venue after the unprofessional owner and his friends disrupted the set as much as possible because they didn't like the music. Doing everything they could to drive punters out of the room so they could play pool without having to hear the music that was booked to play after refusing to provide adequate sound or staging for a proposed "second room" for the event.


Noistruct is a breakcore/industrial hardcore/dnb/jungle and experimental electronic project from Perth Western Australia, where he helped to create the city's first breakcore live music scene. He has been active in production, promotion, bookings, radio broadcasting, distribution, art, label management, web design and even compiling and mastering for himself and other hardcore artists in Australia and overseas since 1998.

From 2000 to 2014 he co-ran the label 8-Bit Recordings before going solo and starting ENDE Records and running that as a mostly web label for the next 4 and a half years. ENDE Records is the largest online collection of underground breakcore and hardcore in Australia with over 280 releases in mostly digital but also CD and vinyl.

Noistruct has played more than 100 shows around Australia and organised more than 200 including interstate and international shows. He has released more than 100 albums in CD, cassette, digital and vinyl and has shared the stage with a variety of diverse acts such as Whitehouse, Animal Intelligence, Merzbow, Scorn, Enduser, Company Fuck, Anscenic, Epsilon, Converter, Limewax, Dylan, Funksturong, Mark N, Black Lung, Hedonist, Noisekick, DJ Promo, Ghostsoul, Steve Mallinder and Ollie Olsen to name a few.

Noistruct quit live performances and show promotion in 2017 to concentrate on expanding his label and music production in his home studio in The Northern Rivers of NSW. In 2018 after 20 years of self releasing and small independent labels. He joined the roster of US Breakcore label Sonicterror Recordings which is also home to artists like Enduser, Cooh and Medium and released his first split album "Pisslords" with UK producer Erohypnos. This being his first to get major digital distribution on platforms like Spotify and Beatport.

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    • 95 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
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