Yo my Hip Hop folks!
Here's the single leak "Phase 1" off the upcoming straight casette mixtape I'm currently recording. Just felt like droppin' some rhymes so you can get to know me better, bump a hot 90ies type track and like we do with mixtapes: Pass it on to the right people.

Written by: Soulcat E5
Produced by: Tokyo Dei

PHASE 1 - Lyrics


Now let me see who's the illest mic killer
when rhyme bullets travel faster than light,
I don't shine too bright
Remain a Hip Hop pillar
of a culture that only tha realest came to maintain
while the bullshit you be craftin' in tha industry remains a strain in the game
200 percent uptight
when you came to diss my name
prepare to take flight,
I don't talk too much about the streets
cause that's where you won't see me
I'm locked up in tha Lab just tryin' to be me
and to that degree I'm the master emcee
who be spittin' live 'round the caribbean sea
to Tennesee, to the VIE, under tha shaddow of a coconut tree
and then travel overseas
just to find some more records I be puttin' on them plates
and the right recipe for my soulcat esprit
that you can cop on a tape or a CD
up to date I don't put jewels on my neck
and don't pop a thick ass, still I be rhymin' phat
cuz' I got your respect instead, I'm alive and not dead
who're the ones who be breakin' bread?
cuz I'm the chick that's constantly broke,
but instead of suckin' old men's cock
I hang with the top blokes
smokin' reefer till I choke
and put my voice on a track
rather than my ass in a Rolls Royce back

(Now who of the chicks who's got my back?
We smokin shit by the ounces, stayin fly,
locked up in the house tonight listenin' to beats)

  1. I got so many people wonderin' who am I,
    who's that girl who spits those rhymes so fly
    have you seen her? spit like misdemenour, work it like it's Trina
    It's the E.M.I.L.Y, wear my hair to the side, there was a time
    I worked hard at night to pay rent and get by
    still I rep the stella and rum
    rhyme on beats like J Dilla's
    still I had to drop my thighs risin' high every night
    style's still phat like a french fry
    still I had no tie and why cut off love like a bonsai
    or put my smile on lock like bone-dry?
    before I came up I was busy opening my third eye
    now I'm the wise guy, whereby: my profession don't underly the C.P.I
    why do change my game like voodoo?
    when all the things I did before rap was doodoo
    my life dark blue, never knew how to see thru
    equal to all the other things I put into my lyricalz
    turn into my walkin' shoe pushin' me further
    to the beats I murder in a cypher or enciphering
    the science of the being of the I
    or in other words: leanring how to I.D.E.N.T.I.F.Y

I identify with Hip Hop Culture
So where my people at?

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