"No stories, just straight spittin. Cause all that blah say blah ain't hittin" RAH DIGGAH


Wouldn't you believe it
wouldn't you believe if I told you that

Catz on da block come up like they noticed me
lyrical intruder to the viennese county, bee
another head to sip on the jack stack
n headz act
like I was too much, provokin' me
1, 2, 3 I let the foreign mics fall down
some tried to kill me with fight raps off the dome
try again homes, there's nine lives on me
next time you better try with a 33
some say my mouth's not too swift on weed,
see the statement of the problem is
killing a SOMEBODY isn't a freestyle party, it's a deed
shit, this line was tight I wanna put it on repeat
This time I just got too high, let my verbals drift
shit doesn't interrupt my play, I always come twice
stay tight like frogs ass, yeah biggie was right
great minds must just think alike

it's time for submission to the beat and the love, yeah, I fell in love with hip hop, got me hooked.

Beat, Keys: Brandon J Banks
Songwriting, vocal Arrangement: Emily "Soulcat E-phife" Colón
Executive Producers: J.Banks & E-Phife

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