Turn Around is an audio and visual installation dealing with all senses, it is a digital hypnotic experiment .
It is a collaboration work wih Kritzkom, and we are absolutely psyched to premiere our art piece in the best club in the world: Berghain.
The sounds on the track are progressive, a mix of drones, trance noise and ambient rhythms that should be hypnotic as an entry into a psychedelic world where one feel and sees the sounds, the vibrations right on the skin.
The piece challenges our traditional sensorial perception: the frequencies, as metaphor for human senses, generate the visuals from technology to nature, from analog to digital.
RSVP to the event : facebook.com/events/421176968091054

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    Berghain, Romain Frequency, Kritzkom, Turn Around Berghain, Sound Installation, #Experimental, Electronics
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    • Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Allemagne
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