Finally some new fresh mix with some little mistakes but fuck it!
155 - 220 bpm straight shizzle

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Somniac One - Siberian Tigon
KRTM - Drawlcrusher
Mindustries - Dissolvement
Homeboy, Lowroller - No Longer Human
Switch Technique - Dark Warrior
Sei2ure - I Had A Dream
East Kingdom - From The Heart
Im Colapsed - Blood & Money
The Outside Agency - The Price Is Right
Igneon System & Sinister Souls - Count To Four
Dunats - Show me (Original Mix)
Prime Directive - I Need Someone
Katharsys - Paranoiac Requiem
Brainwash - Like That
Xerxes - Bunker
N3AR - Obstruction Detected
Igneon System - Underground Splitter
East Kingdom - Farewell
Tugie - Raise The Fuck Up
Ulcerium - All Are Dead
Broken Code - Subconscious Mind
Skitzaph0nic - I Am Become
Adamant Scream & Dolphin - Flesh & Bone
The Carnage Corps - Impact
Deathmachine - Sonar
Khaoz Engine - Weaponz Of Unholy War
Rebelious & Close 2 Death
Hellfish - Beast Metal
Khaoz Engine - Song To Make Grandma's Teeth Grind
Dolphin & Thrasher - Crank Those Speakers
Deathmachine - Distort U
Khaoz Engine - See What No One Else Can
Penta & Tripped - Blood
Sa†An - Premonition

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    Industrial Hardcore, Een Kola, Betriebsferien, Industrial, Hardcore, UkHardcore, Crossbreed, Brutal, 1Kola, NicerScheiß, Summer, Sommer
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 87.5 bpm
    • Key: Fm
    • Berlin, Deutschland
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