Classical Guitar-Electronic-Instrumental Rock fusion music compositions by Eclipse-MPL Music U.K. All musical instruments and original music compositions, pictures, art work and recordings produced by Martin Lacey @Pond Recording Studios copyright-MPL- Eclipse, Derby England. Since 1981
Guitars: Perez 610 classical, Paulino Bernabe E8 classical, Jose Ferrer classical. Acoustic Solutions Fender copy. Fender Squire Bullet.
Line 6 Amp. Zoom 501 effects. Wav lab mix software. Creative Recording software. Zoom mics.
Casio keyboard instrumentation
LANDR re-mastering on special tracks
Sound Engineers ; D.Bobbell & D Dodd & Martin Lacey
Management ; Shazzy D. @Pond Recording Studios U.K.
Dedicated to my Family, the listener, the musician, and to the Instrumental Rock band SKY. John Williams, Kevin Peek, Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry, Francis Monkman and Steve Gray. Without their profound musical influence back then on me, this music would not exist! Many Thanks! Eclipse-MPL Music. UK.
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Forlorn Hope Fantasy now available to download on ITUNES!

    Instrumental, Classic Rock
    • Version: Original
    • Type: Original
    • © All rights reserved
    • Nottingham, United Kingdom
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