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Bewitching rhythms and magnetic bass lines to drag you slowly into dancing deep in trance

[Vladivostok | Russian Far East]

Sepungski is a Russian musician and a DJ. He developed his taste in music by constantly visiting local parties with world famous d'n'b artists thus he could follow current trends in music. He's a big lover of the dark atmosphere and hypnotic sounds. The main goal of Sepungski's sets and his own tracks is to make listeners to get into trance rather than cheer them up. But he doesn't forget about dance component of drum & bass with some positive vibes. Sepungski also makes ambient tracks, some of which were supported by the master of atmospheric sounding - Aural Imbalance and the owner of the Canadian label Stasis Recordings - Sanderson Dear. For the last 4 years he has been a participant of the annual rave event "Most rave" that takes place on the island 700 km away from Sepungski's hometown. Besides that he is a member of the local electronic musicians' project FLAT BEAT where his track "It All Went Down" was released. He always finds inspiration in films, music and live dj's sets mostly on the local stage.

    Loxy & Overlook - Harbour [Samurai Music]
    The Untouchables - Blackout [Samurai Music]
    dBridge - Trinity Ville [Cylon Recordings]
    Mako - Let The Truth Be Heard [Samurai Music]
    Mono - Consciousness [Shiro]
    The Untouchables feat. Loxy - X-gene [Samurai Music]
    dBridge - Dead Peak [Cylon Recordings]
    Overlook, Loxy & Resound - The Lodge [Samurai Music]
    Overlook - Clouds [31 Records]
    M-zine, Scepticz, Distant Future & Makros - Bloodspread [31 Records]
    Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS - Pass The Buck [Metalheadz]
    Loxy & Isotone - Ancients [Cylon Recordings]
    Survival & Script - Sahara [Dispatch Recordings]
    Serum - Blood Red [31 Records]
    Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Rumble [C.I.A. vs Phantom Audio]
    Mark System - Don’t You Remember [Exit Records]
    Nucleus & Paradox - T breaks In [Esoteric]
    Mukiyare - I Will Be There [Soul Deep Recordings]

    Drum & Bass
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