Echo Chamber 004

Presented by Scavenger

Broadcast 11/7/2019


The idealist - Zoned out deep zone, son (Industrial Coast)
Francisco Aguado - Adrift (Seven Villas Voyage)
Repert Clearvaux - Damper and Drum feat. Eben Bull (Whities recordings)
Kero & Valance Drakes - Cant edit your soul (Detroit Underground)
Repert Clearvaux - Prelude - Her fingers of pink light (Whities Recordings)
Johanna Knutsson - Loss of traction (Emo Version) (Arsenik records)
Kero & Valance Drakes - Centered around space invader attributes (Detroit Underground)
Shed - Waved Mind (Monkey Town)
Jonas Kopp - La Luz Nunca Se Apaga (Semantica)
Pablo Bolivar - Krampf (Ambient Version) (Seven Villas Voyage)
Lou Karsh - Seep (Further Electronix)
Pessimist & Karim Maas - B6
Ulwhednar - 1000 Pills (Northern Electronics)
Radius - Transversewaves (cv313 reshape) (Echospace Detroit)
Jonas Kopp - Ritmo (Semantica)
Loft - Lassanamae (Tri Angle)
Varg - Love Letter
Physical Therapy and matrix - After the Fallout (Nonplus records)
Purl - Once
Stereo Underground - Breakfast on Mars (Balance Music)
Smooth - Beyond the twilight
Stereo Underground - Flying Glow (Balance Music)
Artefakt - The Lost Centre (Semantica)
Purl - A Sky Beyond
Pessimist & Karim Maas - A5
Perfume Advert - Emotion Engine
Asphalt Layer - Rebecca
Fldexp - Dag (Silent Season)
Porter Ricks - Harbour Chart (Tresor)
Shed - When the faces went down (Air Texture)
Kobosil - Prol (RK)
Bigeneric - Milleniumpark (Moto music)

    • 91 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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