Quadrant Soundscape played:

Trevor Jackson - Off World
Sahko - Syvays (Sahko Recordings)
Daniel Avery - Time Marked its Irregular Pulse in Her Eyes (Phantasy Sound)
Viill - Monolith (Space of Variants)
Sahko - Scene 1 (Sahko Recordings)
The Soviet Space Dog Project. - Krell Machine Powering Up (Aural Films)
Shed - When the Faces Went Down (Air Texture)
Format A: - Interlude 2 (ODrex)
Farrago - Desperate Flourish (Arts)
Liquom - Atlas 3 Part 6 (Liquom)
Vril - Longus Astrum (Delsin)
James Shain - Eye For an Eye (Doesnt Bring Them Back) (Drone Works International)
Synkro - Observatory (Air Texture)
Colin Jones - IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD! (Aural Films)
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - The Night Watcher (Blue Note France)
Relief - PK 1 (ODrex)
Scuba - If I Dub Feat. Amp Fiddler (Hotflush Recordings)
M-Tric - Overdose (Soundcloud - Free Download)
Rick Koen - Edd (Forthcoming Just Move Records)
Eddvin - Shock Therapy (Forthcoming Just Move Records)
Pete Pilgrim - W & D (Forthcoming Laboria Park)
Shervaan Bergsteedt - Mass (Forthcoming Laboria Park)
Vril - Starter A Return (Delsin)
Shervaan Bergsteedt - Preoccupying Mind (Forthcoming Just Move Records)
Deep Mayer - Alone in Russia (Thorne Miller Remix) (Just Move Records)
Graè - Chords from the Past
Vril - Haus (Rework) (Delsin)
Pluge - Kontryhel (Axaminer)
Contium - Pylon (Contium Records)
Asphalt Layer - Clarity in Dub (Forthcoming Laboria Park)
Sibling - A Vision of Tomorrow (Greyscale)
Ackost - Again (Self)
Vril - Satera Rerum (Delsin)
Heavenchord - Old Roots (Axaminer)
Idealist - Dimension (Echocord)
Gradient - Delayed Cycles 05 (Hello Strange)
Grad_U - Epsilon Eridani (Protec Records)
Cv313 - Sailing Stars
Lawrence - Creepers (Dial Records)
M-Tric - Delusions (Soundcloud - Free Download)
Contium - Monster A (Twin Peetz Mix) (Contium Records)
Owen Ni - Dip Deeper (Axaminer)
Ark Tapes 1 - A1
Ikosaeder - 1143
Idealist - Stage 1 (Echocord)
Ikosaerder - 2059 (Deep Electronics)
Idealist - Explorer (Echochord)
Vicmari - L'mora (Forthcoming Just Move Records)
Map.Ache - You Need the Devil (Giegling)


    Dub Techno, Dub Techno, Techno Dub Ambient
    • Type: Live
    • 117 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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