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Podcast: Dusk Dubs
Artist: John C Bawcombe
Title: DD0412
Style: eclectic
Time: 79 minutes
Date: 2017-04-23

Dusk Dubs returns with another incredible journey through sounds. As always, our guest provides us with music that memories and in their souls. Music that moves them, that invokes images of sunrises, sunsets, good times and good people. We then play each record, in full, giving it breathing space and allowing it to shine.

This week we welcome John C Bawcombe to the Dusk Dubs family.

"I have been record collecting for almost 40 years and was delighted to be asked to contribute to the Dusk Dubs project. It's taken some weeks to piece this list of amazing music together for your listening pleasure.

Its' a scoot through me growing up.... and whats graced my various record players over the years.

I hope you enjoy."


1) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory OST - Candy Man

I kick off with a track taken from everyone's fave children's film - and a big fave in my house when my son was younger - this is for you Lenny B!

2) San Sebastian Strings - The Gypsy Camp

An oddity from the late 60s that grabs that Balearic style groove I so love. Down to the sea and back.

3) Thomas Newman - Dead Already - American Beauty OST

Taken from the Grammy nominated soundtrack from the American Beauty film - created using mainly percussion instruments. Newman believed the score helped move the film along without disturbing the "moral ambiguity" of the script, saying "It was a real delicate balancing act in terms of what music worked to preserve that''. Love the movie and love the soundtrack even more.

4) Anthony Newley - Why

An English actor, singer and songwriter Newley achieved success as a performer in such diverse fields as rock & roll and stage and screen acting. As a recording artist he enjoyed a dozen Top 40 entries on the UK singles chart between 1959 and 1962, including two number one hits. You may remember this from the awesome Gangster Number 1 movie.

5) Andy Williams - The Impossible Dream

Yes that track they used in the Honda advert a few years back. Composed by Mitch Leigh with lyrics written by Joe Darion. The song is the most popular song from the 1965 Broadway musical Man of La Mancha - many artists over the years have covered this - for me Andy Williams nails it with his beautiful vocal - you will often catch me singing this very loud in the car.

6) The Jam - Ghosts

Taken from The Gift album - the first Jam album I bought aged twelve and still remains a firm fave of mine from their awesome back catalogue - Potentially the most under-rated album in the Jam's huge output, The Gift took a lot of heat from both critics and fans for being "self-indulgent" and for deviating from the formula too much. In reality, these criticisms are unfounded and unfair - ''Ghosts'' is a record I come back to time and time again and while it hits WAY too close to home for me, is simply one of Weller's best songs. Essential.

7) The Rolling Stones - You Cant Always Get What You Want

From the 1969 album Let It Bleed album and a record that I still play very often. The song featuring the London Bach Choir opening the song (the choir opening is only on the album version), highlighting throughout, and bringing it to its conclusion. Johnny Miller, the Stones' producer at the time, plays drums on this song instead of Charlie Watts. Al Kooper plays piano and organ, as well as the French horn intro.

8) The Who - Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Alt. version)

Another massive influence on me over the years - I love the lyrics to this and Al Kooper (see The Stones above) makes a great guest job on the organ -once described as The Who's "second great song about masturbation" (after the band's 1967 single "Pictures Of Lilly"):[ God bless The 'orrible ooo!

9) Dexy Midnight Runners - There There My Dear

Searching for the young soul rebels is a wonderful, life-enhancing album and I always play it loud when Im feeling down - a comfort blanket from 1980. Includes one of Rowlands best ever put down lines - ''If you're so anti-fashion, why not wear flares, instead of dressing down all the same'' - never fails to let me down this album.

10) Quadrophenia - Jimmy Quits in a Blaze of Glory!

We all wanted to do this at some point and never had the bollocks - taken from the film I must have watched 1000 times - Only Phil Daniels could deliver this punchline - Take it or leave it !

11) Playtime Toons - The Shaker Song

Produced by my good friend and DJ Trevor Fung who influenced me greatly in the late 80s at Legends, Rage and The Fitness Club - Playtime Toons offers up an early acid house nugget used on pirate radio a lot and was the last tune of the night for a good while at The Hacienda.

12) Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk (Hyper Spaced Mix)

Like many others of my age I quickly adopted house music in the late 80s. This is a stunning track that features that piano from the gods - co produced in 1990 by Dave Lee who later went on to record as Joey Negro.

13) Plez - I Can't Stop

The one record that transports me back to the smoke and strobes of early acid house adventures in London.

14) Napoleon - Happy Finish

One half of ''Bent'' - Nottingham's ultra cool chill masters - Simon Mills has now branched out with his Napoleon solo project - got to love Simon who has taken time out to DJ at my events and to send me this over for inclusion.

15) Leftfield - Melt

For me the Leftism album is the best album produced in the 90s - and this little nugget is a thing of beauty that has that lovingly honed production that set a standard for electronic music producers to aim for moving forward.

16) The XX - Night Time

I wore their first album out when released in 2009 - so many great memories of that lovely summer in 2010 where I played it to everyone that popped over or got in the car.

17) The Beach Boys - God Only Knows

In my top three besties and my list would not be complete without this record. Along with Carl Wilsons pure vocal the production features an unorthodox selection of instruments, including French horn, accordions, sleigh bell, harpsichord, and a quartet of violas and cello's - Pet Sounds is life giving.

18) Ben Howard - Wolves

Where you been hiding lately, where you been hiding from the news?

Because we've been fighting lately, we've been fighting with the wolves.


19) The Cure - 10.15 on a Saturday Night

Early in their career, The Cure were trying to get a record deal. In the liner notes to the deluxe edition of Three Imaginary Boys, they explain that an executive for the record company Fiction was doing paperwork while listening to some demos he received when he heard the "Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip..." coming from this song and thought it sounded quite nice. He then found the band and gave them a record deal.

20) David Bowie - Life On Mars

Needs no introduction and a fitting end to my Dusk Dubs journey.

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