Dawn Tempo is a regular radio show on Radio Tilos, in Budapest, Hungary. DST is playing various kinds of bass-oriented electronic dance music since 2004. Tune in every 2nd Saturday morning, in Budapest on air FM 90.3 or anywhere online through the tilos.hu. website. For more information check-out the facebook sites:

    01.Delicquenzy - Digital Dreams (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    02.Sebalo - Ongoing (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    03.Blottarz - Desert Dreams (SUB Garden SGDNC005)
    04.jWire - Swamp Thing (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    05.Deciphered Mind - Clocktower (Busted Fingerz Remix) (SUB Garden SGDNF053)
    06.RVZER - Shock Reaction (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    07.Bass Buddha - Phase (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    08.Sebalo - Original (SUB Garden SGDNC005)
    09.Bass Buddha - Cannibal (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    10.MXVE - Kerplunk (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    11.Saké - Envious (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    12.Bass Buddha, Gumb0 & SubRootz - Real Badmon Life (SUB Garden SGDNF063)
    13.Thumper - Keter Dub (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    14.Saké - Envious (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    15.Offish - Forbidden Towers (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    16.DNS - Kronos (SUB Garden SGDNC005)
    17.Raptor - Structure (SUB Garden SGDNF059)
    18.Six Chakra - Blade (SUB Garden SGDNF061)
    19.Tinky - The Flute Of The Birds (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    20.Ohyra - Opposing Force (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    21.Mungk - Zion War Dub (SUB Garden SGDNC004)
    22.L Nix - All That Swagger (SUB Garden SGDNC005)
    23.Dijence - Iced (SUB Garden SGDNC005)
    24.Maes - Cafe In Casablanca (Kodama Remix) (SUB Garden SGDNC003)
    25.Mistah - China Shop Dub (SUB Garden SGDNC005)
    26.mrshl - I Can't Handle This (SUB Garden SGDNF054)

    • 89.5 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Tiszafoldvar, Hungary
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