In February 2010, when we finished working on “Style Is A Cage” Ep, we wrote you a little letter. Please read it below and if you think we achieved our goals like and share this!
Now we’re closing that cycle too and preparing to enter a third one. Which is gonna be full of awesome, keep close! Much love!

The EP’s title was given by a Marginal track, which became a classic, a sort of a second motto for us and our most played tune on Soundcloud. As a thank you for your efforts and support, we’re making the track available for FREE DOWNLOAD, you just need to drop us your e-mail address for our forthcoming revamped newsletter.

So here’s our message from 3 years ago:

“After about 3+ years spent pumping fresh blood in the dubstep scene and winning enough respect for that, DubKraft Records decided to welcome the end of the decade with a new ethos and a more interesting approach.
From now on we won’t address just one scene, but that niche of electronic music lovers who appreciate Bass, Spirit and Character in a track.
The main goal is now only to create intense emotions for the listener, to leave an emotional scar in the best possible meaning.
In order to achieve that better we’ll also address more senses by getting support from artists in other fields of creative work besides music.
You will still be able to recognize the DubKraft sound and releases will maintain a certain coherence, but creative freedom will be almost total.
A forming core of eclectic artists will sit at the base of the project while others will join as occasional guests.

We start this new era with our first uptempo release, based on breakbeats ranging 160 to 175 bpm, with minimalistic sounds and infusions from dub, glitch, jungle and techno.
The tracks are already receiving appreciation and support from top cats across the scenes, like Loxy, Gremlinz, June Miller, Migrant, Fine Cut Bodies, Nerm (BBC) and more.

To top things nicely, every track gets illustrated by a young and very creative visual artist hailing from Romania, Oana Cambrea

Dive prejudice free into our work and your time will be rewarded! ”

    Drum & Bass, BASS MUSIC, DNB, D&B, 170, 170BPM
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