FFO, DubKraft's sister label for everything beautiful, is thrilled to announce the premiere of its first music video: Airbow by Romanian indie-electronica fusion band Crowd Control!
Hosted by Vice Romania (if you can read Romanian, here is the link vice.com/ro/read/urmareste-in-...iesa-airbow-326 ), the launch gives everyone a signal both the band and the label are up to big things in the coming months, with an EP launch late 1st of December, an appearance on Romanian public television, many gigs and some more surprises.
The track and the visuals deal with a stringent problem: finding color and personality in an amorphic world, where the individual is reduced to a livestock condition and imagination seems to be the only escape.
The video, as well as the sound mixing and mastering, are the work of the FFO/DubKraft head Silviu Costinescu (aka Alien Pimp), with support from Pyramid Studio and Ileana Szasz from Bucharest.
We’ll follow up with more goodies soon, stay tuned!
Video: youtu.be/FtLMXwaw15c
Label Page: falseflagoperation.info

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