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    DigitalMusicProductions TheXperience iS BangingBassKickingAssPinchingBeats iNSiDEpisode13

    DigitalMusicProductions TheXperience iS BangingBassKickingAssPinchingBeats iNSiDEpisode13 by Digital​Music​Productions™ TheXperience
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"Love for House is like the foliage in the woods; time will change it, growing strong with every song-beat-melody which totally catches us unaware with what it will serve us next; four the ears, the body, the mind and the soul.
Winter cold creeps in because it knows it has no chance up against the warmth felt from the heart, the sound of its beat pumping music within, through, between and all around us leaving its #NoteXperienceNgravedancEducatioNation called #SoundSationaLoveXperience This #Truescape #NaturaLove All Felt and Built iN the name of #HouseMusic; resembles the eternal waves of sound that wave hello hard to let go of this feeling heard above and beyond the lesson its teaching reaching us as a #EnergieSourceVolution!
A visible delight every night its always, always on my mind-turning on the body whilst igniting the soul.” TheXperience


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    4:20   Papa Marlin - Drop It On The Dancefloor
    10:40   Le French - Einfach
    19:20   Andrey Exx / Soundmatics - One Day
    20:20   Green Velvet - Mind Yo Bizness
    23:00   Nicolas Haelg - Bring the Funk Back (Nicolas Haelg Remix)
    25:40   Carlos A - Double Life
    29:00   Zerky - Juice (Original Mix)
    35:20   Hot Sand - Soul Ties (Mark Lower Remix)
    38:00   Hufford - Ghetto Funk
    45:00   Alan Finch - Tropic Groove
    47:00   Gaiser - Some Slip
    50:20   Thomas Gandey - Overnight Sensation
    52:40   Shaun Frank - Heaven
    1:04:20   Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - From Me To You
    1:06:00   Danniel Selfmade - Paramount
    1:09:40   Danniel Selfmade - With Soundglasses
    1:16:40   Eats Everything - Dancing (Again!)
    1:23:40   Echo Demand - G - S
    1:26:20   Green Velvet - Everybody Wants
    1:29:00   Jamie Jones - Illicit Behaviour
    1:31:00   Samuel L Session - Bassblaster
    1:37:40   Mick Teck - Funk!
    1:40:00   Dj Funsko - Let's Groove
    1:42:40   Victor Ruiz - Generation
    1:48:40   Cid - No!
    1:51:00   Skrillex - Stranger
    1:53:00   Skymate - Commitment
    2:01:40   Years & Years - Desire
    2:04:40   Harvard Bass - Listen to This
    2:10:40   DJ Renat feat. Cotry - Aye Aye Aye
    2:13:20   Victor Ruiz - Thoughts
    2:18:40   Ross Palmer - Gold Booty (Array)
    2:20:00   Carter Mason - Living In The Moment
    2:26:40   Chapeleiro - Disco Voador (Original Mix)
    2:27:40   Crazibiza - Eastchester
    2:32:00   Joseph Gaex - Jump
    2:37:00   Pegassi - Zoo
    2:40:00   2raumwohnung - Wir werden sehen
    2:45:00   The Booty Jocks - Stars On 45
    2:46:40   Federacto - Everybody

    Tech-House, bass house, House and Bass, Tech House, house, DeepTechHouse
    • Type: DJ-Set
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