this podcast is all about consent, specifically around sex. it might be a sensitive issue for some; hopefully this is still a safe space for talking, but there is a trigger warning at the start of the podcast.

we're mainly exploring how issues around consent can be a lot subtler and slippery than we might assume, and why that might be, especially considering the pervasiveness of implied (rather than explicit, or directly-agreed) consent.

the podcast follows the International Day of Consent (Nov 30), as inaugurated and celebrated by Irregular Arts and the Festival of Consent in Leeds. find out more about that here:

we also reference a couple of other podcasts which are themselves amazing explorations of the same topic.

No (podcast series by The Heart):
The C Word (by Black Radical Queer podcast):

mainly, the droin wants consent to be in more conversations, and this is our little contribution.

music is Prince Charming by Brother Ali

Brother Ali:

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