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Another broken mic show, so still no talking.

Svaag - Saade (Ctrls Remix) [Semantica]
Slim Vic -Force Majeure (Nihad Tule Remix) [Lamour]
Jamaica Suk - Infragrant Behavior [Face To Face]
Lado – Black [Green Fetish]
Drafted – Detach [Invite Choice]
Kessel – Primeval Land [EarToGround]
Giordano - Bank Of Fog [K1971]
Prince Of Denmark – Desire [Forum]
Jamaica Suk – Longevity [Face To Face]
Petter B – Drummer IV [Bond]
Kessel - Self Deception (Kessell Remix 2) [EarToGround]
Shifted – White Flare [Semantica]
Drafted – Sphere [Invite's Choice]
Funk D'Void - Jack Me Off (Christian Wunsch Remix) [Soma]
Alavux - Level (Dez Williams remix) [Diffuse Reality]
Kessel - Self Deception [EarToGround]
Petter B – Eskaper [Bond]
Skee Mask - Palo Alto [Ilian Tape]
Giordano - I Was Running Around The Police Car [Funk You]
D_Func. - Trial Of The Black Witch Part 1 (Burn The Witch Edit) [NST144]
Lado – Gray [Green Fetish]
Slim Vic - Talong (Petter B Remix) [Lamour]
D_Func. - Trial Of The Black Witch Part 1 (Christian Wunsch Remix) [NST144]
Duo Alias - Lad Of Lesiure [Variance]
Miclodiet - Z [OBSCUR]
Alavux - Level (Dead Sound remix) [Diffuse Reality]
Duo Alias - Pressure Of The Drop [Variance]
Funk D'Void - Bad Coffee (Gary Beck Remix) [Soma]
UVB - Join In The Ranks [Mord]
Duo Alias - New Wave [Variance]
Swarm Intelligence - Grail [OBSCUR]
UVB - Head For Head [Mord]
MTD & Tracy – Under [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Duo Alias - Sewer Junk [Variance]
A. Ashdown - Urfa's Revenge (Third Remix) [Digital Distortions]

    11:40   Lado - Black - Original Mix
    21:20   Kaelan - Primeval Land (Original Mix)
    25:40   Giordanø - Bank of Fog
    54:20   Alavux - Level - Dez Williams Remix
    1:09:20   Giordanø - I Was Running Around the Police Car
    1:13:20   Lado - Gray - Original Mix
    1:27:40   Alavux - Level - Dead Sound Remix
    1:37:20   UVB - Join In The_Ranks
    1:47:00   UVB - Head For Head

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