Dr.Newrant & The Dark Dimension - Tommy '87 (Conokal "Dirty Tape" Mix) (Dark Trip Hop) (Electronica)

Drums: Original Sample worked by Dr.Newrant ( SoundToys Filters - "Old dirty vinyl" U-he digital effect - WAVES Compressor - WAVES Reverb)

Piano Atmos: ABSYNTH 5.1 + Vinyl Effect

Leads, Pads & Soundscapes: ABSYNTH 5.1 - SPIRE 1.1 - DIVA U-he - ZEBRA 2.5 U-he - Old Tv records - Atmosphere's Noises - KORG MS-20

Intro: Sample female voice (Thallie Ann Seenyen - "Empty Soul")(Free Download)

Voices: Old Tv Records - Old tape effects

Compose by Salvatore D'Alessandro (AKA Dr.Newrant & The Dark Dimension) - Produce by Salvatore D'Alessandro

    • Type: Original
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