The Shed Collective delves through the back catalogue of Dementio13.

SETI SETI - Vkhutemas Vol 1
Blink - Donald Pleasance
placed - TV Dinners 2003
Soylent Green Sample
Out Of The Dark - Vkhutemas Vol. 2
astringent - You Don't Know What It Is Until It Hits You
Cwtch - Beyond Transgression - Future Past
Serco Universe - This Is Civilisation
Richard Diebenkorn on Beginning a Painting sample
The Data People - Imperial Decimal
Application Of Number - Imperial Decimal
Hollow Point - El Lissitzky
Hollow Point (Douglas Deep's Collateral Damage Mix) - El Lissitzky
Landlocked - Donald Pleasance
Dementia 13 (1963) [HD] - Francis Ford Coppola sample
No More History - Anti Static Calamity
Last Test - Last Test
The Mains - Imperial Decimal
The Space Fish - These Haunted Spaces
Afterlife Inc. - This Is Civilisation
The View From You - Vkhutemas Vol. 2
Get Carter Sample
Freshly Processed - This Is Civilisation
Know Your Place (Single Version) - Know Your Place (Single)
The Wicker Man Sample
Cycle Energy - Last Test
Outerhero - This Is Civilisation
Stelian (Dementio13 & Douglas Deep) - VTOL
Bonnie Dog - Last Test
Our Policy On Swearing - Imperial Decimal
Lighter - These Haunted Spaces
Self-Doubting Thomas (Ian Thistlethwaite & Dementio13) - VTOL
Head Pop#1 - The Hobbyist
Vases, Flowers, Empty Bottles - Vkhutemas Vol. 2
This Is Freefall - These Haunted Spaces
Minus - El Lissitzky

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    • Release Date: 07/06/2015 12:00 AM
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