Almost exactly 2 years ago I moved to Barcelona to start my new life with new perspectives, nice weather, and finding myself from the inside. I came here with no expectations and became the biggest surprises everyday. Finding an amazing friends who are now my family, discovering music which is now my job, running into challenges which is now a passion to find a solution.
Not even a month ago I posted how thankful I am that I've reached 300 Fans on my artist profile and you guys out there just hit another 114 times a like on my page. WOW!
I would like to say thank you in my way, by giving out one of my newest productions for a free download.
I hope to stay so connected during my further journey at all times. I don't like to use the word "fans" as you are all more for me. Music connects people. So in a way we are all friends for enjoying the same feelings.
Thank you all my friends

    Spiritual Techno, Electronic Pop, Minimal
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