Continuing the Saga of Swing

    Intro -
    Stepcat - Bootleg Brass
    The Electric Swing Circus - Bella Belle (Kiss Me Yesterday Remix)
    DJ Clairvo - I'll Be A Good Man
    DJ Tomahawk - Singa
    Swing Republic ft. Trixie Smith - My Daddy Rocks Me
    Donjohnston & The After Hours Quintet ft. Leo Wood - Absence Heard
    The McMash Clan ft. Kate Mullins - Swing Break
    Donjohnston & Dephicit ft. Trotfox, The After Hours Quintet & Summer Bright - Light Fandango
    Father Funk & Howla - Got Swing?
    Howla - Long Road
    Skeewiff ft. Sammy Senior - Setting It Off
    Hong Kong Ping Pong - We Speak No Amerikernow
    Mat Tha Hat - Down The Rabbit Hole (Warp9 Remix)
    WBBL - Mambo Baby
    Howla & WBBL - Crazy Pavers
    Leygo - Swing Strike
    The Swing Ninjas - My Belle (Mr. Biggz Remix)
    Bobby C Sound TV - Handy Man
    Dancefloor Outlaws - Swing Set
    Grinny Grandad - Pink Elephants
    Charlie Beale & Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Everybody Loves my Baby
    Willie Nelson - On The Road Again

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