I'm totally with Skinny regarding his words below this sentence. I'm extremely proud to have this amazing showcase on here. Please reward the DJ's hard work by visiting his Soundcloud, Facebook page and Twitter!

Skinnys words:
In appreciation of one the baddest producers to ever lace together Drum and Bass, I offer up a couple hours worth of my favourite tunes by the one they call... BREAK

Symmetry Recordings:


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Inbtro - Goldie On Being Prolific
Break, Mikal - Status Low
Break - Now Its Going
Break - Splash Step
Break - The Drone
Zero T - Bizzy Time (Break Remix)
Time, Krome - The Licence (Break Remix)
Break - All Around
Die, Break - Get Some
Break - Trying
Break - Slow Down VIP
Break - Combination Style
Break - Headz Up
Alix Perez - Down The Line (Break Remix)
Break - Music Is Better
Shy FX - Bambatta (Break Remix)
Break - Let It Happen
Break - Destiny Comes Ringing
Break, DLR - New Design
Break - Lead The Way
Break - Natural Progression
Sato - Barn (Break Remix)
Cause4Concern - Something Else (Break Remix)
Gridlok, Hive - Standing Room Only feat. D-Bridge, Break & Silent Witness
Break - Authentic
Break - Is This What You Want? VIP
Break - Cold Sweat
Die - Clear Skyz (Break Remix)
Die, Break - Coming From The Top
DLR, Octane - Let Me Go feat. Marion (Break Remix)
Survival - Sky (Break Remix)
Break, DLR, Octane - Murmur
Break, Survival - Stano
Die & Break - Grand Funk Hustle
Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix)
Break - Hot Love
Break - Winter Sun
Break, SpectraSoul - Martyr
Break - Run Off
Break - The Truth
Break - Steam Train
Calyx, TeeBee - The Quest (Break Remix)
Ram Trilogy - Gridlock (Break Remix)
The Sect - Cybermen (Break Remix)
Break - Day One
Break - Last Chance (Remix)
Break - Don't Look Down feat. Calyx & Teebee
Fierce, Break - Red Line
Break - Out Of Nowhere
SpectraSoul - Alibi (Break Remix)
Fierce, Break, Nico - Empire
Break | Xtrah | DRS - Always New
Break - Love So True VIP
Break - Isis
Break, Silent Witness - Dog Soldier
Fierce, Break - Hooligan
Break - Longed Out
Break - End of Time
Break - Who We Are
Total Science - Going in Circles (Break Remix)

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