Making a Return

 // Sheffield, United Kingdom

Getting back into it after a long, long break!

Hi all!

Don't know about you guys but i think this last 12 months has been a long, hard slog!
For me, a huge positive that I have taken from it has been having the opportunity to set up my home studio and get back into making music again.

I've been a musician from a very early age, over the years becoming a Trumpet and Cornet soloist as well as writing for ensembles and small groups of musicians. Over the last 20 years, though, I have also worked in the club industry, initially as a promoter of indepent events and a dj, and more recently as part of the promo team for the global trance brand, Gatecrasher.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've not made any dance music for over a decade due to having a family, but covid has given me the chance to get back into it, and make all kinds of house music. I've also been lucky enough to have some disco tracks, and remixes, signed and released on Nu Monkey Records.

Take a listen to my track, Kosmonova... it sits somewhere in the house genres, but with a twist!

Please feel free to follow me, and download at will.

Big Love - DK

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