Special Mix for you all. Been supporting Tasty Recordings now & my good friend Audio Jacker since 2008 and as you know it's one of my favourite labels. They always deliver the goods, so i decided to celebrate there success with a mix from the back catalogue. All tracks span the last 5 years and I've selected a few of my own releases but the majority are of the Audio Jacker. Hope you all enjoy the mix and don't forget to show your support on the following links. Appreciate any feedback and thank you all for the support.

Traxsource: traxsource.com/label/1177/tast...ordings-digital
Beatport: beatport.com/label/tasty-recordings/6668
Facebook: facebook.com/tastyrecordings
Facebook: facebook.com/audiojacker
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/audiojacker
Support me: facebook.com/djzimmo


• Audio Jacker - Go Shorty (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/26264/rec.../recycled-vol-1
• Tom Forester - Come On Miami (Audio Jacker Remix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/233598/co...8/come-on-miami
• Audio Jacker, How2 Groove - Fashionista (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/115876/da...-dance-dance-ep
• Audio Jacker - D 4 Damager (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/33209/unr...ased-dubs-vol-1
• Disko Junkie - How Many Times (Audio Jacker & Disko Junkie 2013 Remix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/221911/di...tion-volume-two
• Audio Jacker - Got Good Things (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/210779/go...got-good-things
• Topa - No Good (Audio Jacker Remix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/245754/no-good
• Audio Jacker & DJ Zimmo - Close My Eyes (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/193393/di.../disco-crazy-ep
• Martello - Lets Rock (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/71712/lets-rock-ep
• Whiskey Dicks - Right Here (Audio Jacker Remix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/193399/al...l-day-sucker-ep
• Audio Jacker - Turn Up The Music (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/84017/jack-is-back
• Discotron - Give Me Ur Number (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/193394/gi...me-ur-number-ep
• Audio Jacker & Serial Thrilla - Jack The Tempo (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/151596/ja...ck-that-body-ep
• Disco Ball'z - Goodbye Girl (Audio Jacker Remix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/198460/go...io-jacker-remix
• DJ Zimmo - Saturday Night (Audio Jacker Remix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/153967/sa.../saturday-night
• DJ Zimmo - Disco Loves Ya (Original Mix) - Buy: traxsource.com/title/216209/di.../disco-loves-ya

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