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    Mixes From The Vault 2009 - Vol 1 (Mixed By DJ Zimmo)

    Mixes From The Vault 2009 - Vol 1 (Mixed By DJ Zimmo) by DJ Zimmo
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Amazing what you can find on your hard drive when you do a back up! Going to be doing a mini series of these recordings as i have about twenty 2 hour mixes from back in 2009-2010. Unfortunately i lost the playlist on half of them as they were all recorded live. Anyone is welcome to comment on what they think the track is if anyone asks, as i do still have the tracks but would need help locating the names! Well thought some people might like to have these mixes still got my funky influence on them even back then! Download and enjoy as always your support is much appreciated.

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    53:40   Various Artists - I Believe
    58:20   Liquid Nation - Breathe Life - Fish & Chips Radio
    1:08:00   Peyton - Never Give Up [Soul Avengerz Mix]
    1:23:20   Loveless - Found A Miracle (Simmons & Christopher Vocal Mix) - remix
    1:29:00   Top Model - Runway - Take Me Higher (JOHNI BLACK vs. SHENA)
    1:33:40   WHITESIDE PRES SOULVIBES - Whiteside's Get Funky Mix
    1:39:00   Top Model - Runway - Nobodies Business (eSquire Remix - Wez Clarke Re-Master) (eSQUIRE feat. SORAYA VIVIAN)
    1:42:20   Dirty Vegas - Changes - eSquire Remix
    1:48:40   Rockefeller - Do It 2 Nite
    1:50:40   Miss Kay Dee - Do It Right - Original Mix
    1:52:00   Disco International - Ready for More

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