• X.t.l.

    This was a really sweet mix. Really dig the start m8 :) keep it up
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Psytrance from Magdeburg




    Secret Vibes - Precious Rock
    Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth (Astrix, Loud & L.S.D Remix)
    Pettra - Brazil
    Fire Starter - Dancing With Shakti
    Secret Vibes - Secret Fire
    Secret Vibes - Nascentia
    Secret Vibes - Dingeleng (Sine Eye Remix)
    Haldolium - Disrespect
    CoExist & Benson - Turing Test
    Viciki - Ghost (Original Mix)
    Terramoog - Bangoli (Original Mix)
    Lost In Space - Connections (Original Mix)
    Synctronik - Complexd Problem
    Spiritual Mode - Space Mantra
    Effective vs. Darwish - Break The Cycle (Original Mix)
    Krunch - Insert Memory (Original Mix)
    Serenity Flux - Alienated (feat. Aesis Alien)
    Serenity Flux - Spiritual Connection
    Nemo - My Lovely Secret
    Waveform - Reality
    Krunch - Ear God (Original Mix)
    Skyfall - Rave Phenomenon
    Stryker & Javier Bussola - CLSD
    Faders - Flying Objects
    Outsiders & Imagine Mars - We Are The Shadows
    X.t.l. - Om Namah Shivaya
    Juno Reactor - God is God (Animato Remix)
    Animato & Freedom Fighters - Nocturnal
    E-Clip, Symbolic - Live Your Life (Audiotec Remix)
    X.t.l. - Belarusian
    Relativ - Subreality
    Stryker & Starlab - Ilbechin
    Mandala, Killerwatts - Ready To Rumble (Original Mix)
    Synthaya, Terraspin - Fury Road (Terraspin Remix)
    Kularis - Hi Lo
    Exis - Mantra (Extended Mix)
    Capital Monkey, Basscannon - Just A Ride (Original Mix)
    Digital Blue & Dark-Q - Ghost Dance
    Elea - Muladhara
    Maiia - Electric Particles (Maiia Goachill Remix)
    Mindsphere - Orientelic Genetic
    Nemo - Shamanic Practices

    Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance, psy-trance, Progressive Psytrance, psy-prog, psyprog
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