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DJ WoC from spain born in hanover germany (1980).
1996 -. First time as a DJ in private partys (HipHop & RnB)
1996 -. Launched in 1998 as a Resident DJ in Hanover and Kassel (HipHop & RnB)
1998 - 2000 Rainbow Disco Resident DJ in Hanover (Bogen) (Electro House & RnB)
2000 - 2002 Offecial Producer for MX Records Germany Electro House & RnB)
2002 - 2013 Spain, I work as a Resident DJ, producer and organizer Festivals.
Queen Club, Pacha, ZooClub, ZAO, LP, DJing & Productions in Ibiza, Mallorca, Ccanary Islands, Barcelona, ​​Galicia, and France, UK Germany, Poland, Italy, Columbia, Maxico, USA ....
DJ WoC 2013 @ PulsaPlay Music