I choose to release liquid DnB set for my DnB headz...and those who are into smooth jazz and soulFULL CHOONS.


  1. Hazqa - Colibri
  2. Joshua ft Shearlene - Run Away With Me
  3. Sektor x Limitless ft. Nola - Brand New Day
  4. Aleyum - Vivacious Girl (Solar Mix)
  5. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Lurch Remix)
  6. Decimator - Don't Look Back
  7. Mick Pedaja - Seis (Bone bootleg)
  8. Asleep At The Gate - Jade (Nistou Remix)
  9. Post Malone - I Fall Apart (Tarz Bootleg)
  10. Gta feat. Sam Bruno – Red Lips (Cnof Bootleg)
  11. Seven Lions Feat. Fiora - Days to Come (HeadCraB Remix)
  12. Reaktion - Alone (Used & Codex Remix)
  13. Onuka - Time (High Performance remix)
  14. En vogue - Losin My Mind (Flaco Bootleg)
  15. Staytment - October Nights
  16. Thrupence - Thought 8 (Daybreaks Remix)

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    • Turku, Suomi
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