My 2nd take on hardcore. This one has NO HAPPINESS IN IT.

This one is my respect for DJ PROTEUS from Finland. He were inspiration of this set.

This one is one of the most intensive sets I had mixed...and loved every moment of it.
Let D'evils (sh)out!

  1. Meccano Twins - Divine energy
  2. AniMe - Be a god (Endymion remix)
  3. Audio & The Panacea - Red Tape
  4. Zirash, Gancher & Ruin - Damened Souls (Original mix)
  5. Meccano Twins - WTFisthis (NeoX Remix)
  6. Eufeion - Dead Space
  7. Kurwastyle Project - Touch Me
  8. Igneon System & Deathmachine - Sins (The Outside Agency Remix - Deathmachine VIP)
  9. Zardonic - Destroy The Enemy
  10. Turbulence - 6 Million Ways To Die (F. Noize Unofficial Rmx)
  11. Angerfist - And Jesus Wept
  12. The BeatKrusher - Sense Of Hardcore (Official Mainstream Anthem)
  13. AniMe - Fuckin Nocturnal Detonation (Mash Up)
  14. Le Crabe & Stazma feat. Mike Redman - Apocalypse
  15. Neophyte - The Remedy
  16. The Sickest Squad - Children of core
  17. Circular Discharge - Headroar
  18. Dj Mad Dog - A Night Of Madness (Open Source Remix)
  19. Zeom - My Inevitable
  20. Furyan - Blast That!

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    • Turku, Suomi
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