Volume 6 of my Old School Rave series. This two-part mix contains tracks from the 1992-1993 era and leans heavily to the breakbeat fuelled tracks of that time.



DJ Ten - Old School Rave Volume 6:

Part Two:
1) DJ Seduction - Let The Rhythm Take Control
2) Rhythm For Reasons - The Grand National (Tango Remix)
3) M-D-Emm - Spliff Up & Chill Out
4) Sons Of A Loop De Loop Era - Peace & Loveism 5) Sons Of A Loop De Loop Era - Peace & Loveism (4 Hero Remix) 6) NRG - Never Lost His Hardcore
7) DJ Seduction - Sub Dub
8) Acen - Windows In The Sky (Nino's Brighter Day Mix)
9) Acen - Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)
10) Freestyle DJR - Madness
11) The Cleptomaniacs - Positive Feedback (Climax Mix)

*These two tracks are mixed between each other several times. In the interests of the tagged timescape not repeating itself I have just tagged each track once. Therefore it may say the original version is playing when in fact it is the remix, and vice versa.

    Old School Rave
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