Profile description of Tony Standing (DJT):

I was your cordial host if you ever visited 110 Brackenbury Rd ... one of the legendary party gaffs for after the clubs bitd o/

Preffered Styles of music for playing: Oldskool house, Piano House, Cheezy Tunes, HCB,
Nu Rave, UKG ... wh atever floats my boat, mood dependant

Music listened to: anything from disco to DnB, and though mostly house

Fav year: 1992 the most fun a fella could ever have (at least, with his clothes on)

DJ influences: RJW Crew, Preston (Carlos 2 Legends and 3 personal friends who all had their own style of music/mixing), Early Monroes DJ's (John Jepson, Greenbins), Woody (Legends Warrington) Where i 1st heard a night of funky house and fell in love with it)

Bought my 1st set of decks in 92 ... Sound Lab belt drives ... good huh? lol ... But I, and others learnt how to mix on them and were better for having done so as other DJ's, who only ever played on technics struggled to play on anything else lol

I love oldskool ... 92 is probz my fav year though i love to play 94/98 funky house

Though i much prefer playing on the 1210's, i have embraced technology and will happily play on any media (CDJ's, USB's, Midi Controller or even just stand-alone VDJ)

I loooove doing accapella mash-up tracks and have loads online as vids and/or mp3

played at/for: Fantazia, Northern Project, Exxposure, Maximes Wigan, WH 1 Blackburm, Bowlers Manchester, Madisons Northwhich etc blah

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