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My top 10 tunes from the GLITCH podcasts between April and August 2020. From hours of awesome alternative electronic music these are the 10 tracks that rise above all and have been my favourites to mix into my sets. Turn it up and if you enjoy this music be sure to tune in to the next GLITCH broadcast:
Friday, September 18!

Tracklist and reviews:

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Kooler Than Jesus (Tommie Sunshine & Mark Verbos Mix) The kult classic gets a kooler than ever update with this remix and it slaps big time!  House infused dirty electro beats with all the irreverent attitude you expect from the Thrill Kill Kult!  This track is so much fun it's bound to piss someone off.  All hail the TKK!

The Prodigy - We Live Forever The Prodigy have been a profound influence on electronic music and rave culture for decades. Their releases have always been masterful and iconic and this track is no exception.  Despite the tragic death of Keith Flint, his contributions to music and the influence of the Prodigy will live forever.  The raw energy of this track is a perfect example of why the Prodigy are legends, and legends live forever.

Blank Banshee - My Machine (DJ SHOK Glitched Mix) New Brunswick's Vaporwave genius Blank Banshee goes hard with My Machine, a frantic, aggressive industrial sound more reminiscent of noise music than the chill dystopian vaporwave style.  I absolutely love the original and initially made this remix to be an extended version because I wanted the track to go on for longer, the additional edits just came naturally after that. Plus bonus points for Canadian talent!

The Chemical Brothers - MAH This track was a huge influence behind GLITCH. It was upon hearing this release that I found the inspiration for an event that focuses on this type of music.  Dj Dwight and I discussed this idea and our musical influences, and the Chemical Brothers came up a lot.  For that reason alone this track could be my GLITCH #1 pick, but that would overlook the absolutely awesome, raw power of this tune.  Do yourself a favour and add this one to your musical library!

Gorillaz feat. De La Soul - Momentz It's really difficult to select a favourite Gorillaz tune because of the size and quality of their discography.  Though based on how frequently I play it, Momentz is on top of the list.  That mighty, stompy beat makes this one of the most memorable, flexible and dancefloor friendly tunes around. The production quality is flawless and the vocals are a treat for rhythm lovers.  With De La Soul on the vocals this track is pure art and pure fun.

Grimes feat. Hana - We Appreciate Power Grimes' technofetishist cyber pop gets a power up with Hana's vocals and I certainly appreciate the outcome!  More Canadian talent to be proud of, Grimes is is a beacon of creative artistic production and performance and a much needed contrast to the mediocrity of mainstream Canadian pop music.  We Appreciate Power is Grimes at her best.

Shahmen - Mark (EMR3YGUL Remix) Have you ever heard a perfect bassline? That's what this track delivers.  You don't just listen to this tune, you feel it.  I can only describe this as European cyber gangster music, and it's glorious, perfect for the dancefloor, for cruising in the car and for hitting replay compulsively. You'll definitely want to have the bass up for this one.

Jean-Michel Jarre & The Pet Shop Boys - Brick England Two legendary creative forces combined their talents and decades of experience to make this track and the result is beautiful.  Moody, synthy, and a lot darker than the typical Pet Shop Boys tune, this one is smooth and powerful. The atmospheric darkness and ominous voice samples give this track an industrial edge layered over smooth melodic bliss.

Zombie Zombie - Rocket Number 9 (Gesaffelstein Mix) Gesaffelstein is one of the most skilled musicians of our age.  With a penchant for remixing unlikely poppy tunes into raw underground techno bangers; Gesaffelstein delivers a pure example of musical synergy. This bass-heavy, jam with it's catchy vocals and massive atmosphere is unforgettable.

Mac Smash - Long Gone Dreamy melodic DnB that hits all the right spots. A prime example of the flexibility of the genre as this track blends seamlessly into purist or multi genre sets. With haunting, ethereal vocals that call back to the golden age of raving and a classic broken beat that pulls you to dance, this track is an instant masterpiece. Once again, Canadian talent, this time from right here in Toronto.

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    Electronica, Electro, Breakbeat, TECHNO, dnb
    • 132 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Toronto, Canada
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