Psychedelic musical excursion.
Excursion musicale psychédélique.
Excursión musical psicodélica.

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    MoleDeep - Foundation Stone
    Cambium, Bezonance - Synchronicity (Original Mix)
    Insignia, Owntrip - Travelling (Original Mix)
    Reverse, Hinap - Beyond Simulation (Original Mix)
    Sentinel - Return To Pandora
    Meander - Little Piggies (Original Mix)
    Shock Therapy - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)
    Voyager, Atyss - Dystopia (Original Mix)
    Marcus (IL) - Astro Light (Original Mix)
    Osher - Awakening (Original Mix)
    Shivatree - The Rhythm (Original Mix)
    Geko, Labrysinthe - Supernova (Original Mix)
    4Weekend - Electric Fields (Original Mix)
    Pogo, Hypnoise - Kaleidosmoke (Original Mix)
    Ingrained Instincts - Spacefaring Species
    Ingrained Instincts with Nektarios - 11 Dimensions
    Viandoks, Satori Snooks - Super Squishee (Original Mix)
    GREEN CULTURE - LSD Missionaries
    Mojo's Ears - Offering to the Evil (Original Mix)
    Stryker, Arkadia - Dance to My Beat (Original Mix)
    Insignia, Aktyum - Unplugged (Original Mix)
    Razzle Dazzle - Om Namoh (Original Mix)
    Hinap - Perceptions (Original Mix)
    Sonic Species, Mad Maxx - Crystal Vision (Original Mix)
    Syxtra - Transmission (Original Mix)
    Pleiadians - Pleione (Morning Mix)

    Psytrance, forest, Forestpsy, Forest psytrance, psychedelic trance, Trance Psychédelique
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Ottawa, Canada
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