Fusion (fyo͞oZHən) - The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

combing some old, with the new, to create a mix that will make you shake that ass!

Track List

  1. David Guetta - Distortion
  2. Vernessa Mitchell vs Razor N Guido - Higher (John Michael & Billy Waters Untouched Mix)
  3. Joe Gauthreaux Ft. Mitch Amtrak - Bye Felicia (Erick Ibiza Unreleased Mix)
  4. Randy Friess - Bounce (Razor & Guido Rebounce Vocal Mix)
  5. Razor N Guido - Do It Again 2013 (Edson Pride Remix)
  6. Bit Error & Country Club Martini Crew (feat Inaya Day) - Do What We Do (Barry Harris Remix)
  7. Karine Hannah & Dave Aude - I'm Burning Up (Twisted Dee Club)
  8. Soul Rebels feat Lisa Millett - I'll Be Good (Alan bd & Clints Circuit Service Re-mix)
  9. Nadia Ali - Rapture (Walker Tribe Remix)
  10. David Ohana Aviance feat EJ Aviance, Kevin Aviance, Perry Aviance & Mother Juan Aviance - Avi'ously Aviance (Avi'ous Dub)
  11. Ralphi Rosario - La Puta (Richie García Unreleased Mix)
  12. Morabito, David Ohana Aviance - Who You Are feat Johanna (Who's The Dub Mix 2)
  13. Sia - Alive (Barry Harris Tribal House Anthem)
    38:00   Dave Audé - I'm Burning Up (Twisted Dee Dub)
    38:40   Karine Hannah - I'm Burning Up
    50:40   David Ohana Aviance - Avi'ously Aviance
    1:01:40   Morabito - Who You Are

    Tech-House, Vocal House
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 2016-03-27
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