The Virgin (Virgo) They are harvesting information and apply them into practical uses. It is difficult for them talking to strangers as well as relaxing. Sapphire is their birthstone and navel and stomach are the erogenous zones.
Virgo represents Buddhi(awakened one or Born Again), the Love-Wisdom aspect of the Higher Self triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas I. Buddhic consciousness is the transmental faculty that bestows spiritual
understanding and a profound sense of unity or Oneness. In biblical terms, it is the Christ Consciousness within us germinally, asleep in latency, which fosters universal love and mystical intuitiveness. The month of Virgo is the time of harvesting that was personified in mythology as Demeter (Gk.) or Ceres (Roman), the goddess of the harvest. In the constellation she bears a sheaf of wheat or ear of corn in the left hand, represented by the fixed star, Spica. In occult terms, what she holds is a symbol of the harvesting of wisdom gleaned from the experiences of earthly incarnations.

The harvest is stored or assimilated in the Causal Body (Augoeides) of the Higher Self. Just as Virgo traditionally rules the intestines that absorbs nourishment from food eaten, so too is the wheat of experience gleaned from the millstones of earthly life. Virgo represents the spiritual Husbandman or Higher Self who reaps the fruits of its personalities. The harvested wheat or corn symbolizes the attributes and faculties (skandas) acquired during bodily incarnation, reconstituted and stored in the Causal Body. The seeds or character essence are replanted on earth in a “later” incarnation and
developed into a more fruitful “strain.” On a macrocosmic scale, Demeter-Ceres is Gaea or Universal Matter (Lulaprakiti) that occult tradition places in Pisces, the polar opposite of Virgo. It is within
Mulaprakriti that the seeds (preceding Manvantara or Period of Manifestation) of emasculated Uranus are planted to grow into a new Manvantaric period. This virginal Root Substance of Pisces or Sea of primordial Matter is portrayed, in New Testament terms, as the Virgin Mary (Mare, or sea). The Virgin Mary issues forth a Son, Jesus the Christ.

The Virgin. The urge to SERVE. Rules initiation, apprenticeship. Concerned with conservation, salvage, harvesting, repair and maintenance. Indicates the use of techniques and tools, attention to details, skill and craftsmanship; analysis, organization and discrimination. Virgo is busy, concerned, careful, systematic, discerning, self-sacrificing, worrying and practical. Motivated by the need for order and to serve.

Virgo energy is analytical and precise, always separating what is worthwhile and worth supporting from that which is outmoded and of no further use. A mental sign, where ordering and organizing are in high focus. As a mother she is caring and worrying, fussing over just about everything. Compassionate and responsive, Virgo energy is service-oriented above all, often thinking and caring more about what others are doing and thinking than for self, sometimes resulting in a martyr role. Virgo seeks perfection and therefore may be overly critical of self and others. They are very discriminating, and see every detail, nothing escapes their refined perception.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Vesta/Mercury, associated with the sixth house and the number 6. Gemstones are sapphire, zircon and agate.

I Have Alot Of Virgo Friends, So This IS What VIRGOS Sound Like In MUSIC ENJOY.



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    Drum & Bass, Hiphop, SOUL RNB FUNKY SLOW JAM, Trap, R&B Soul, Trapmusic, Electro-HipHop
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    • Release Date: 09/13/2016 08:31
    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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