In the natural zodiac, it rules the Seventh House.
It is masculine, positive, and an air sign. The element air can be
described as intellectual and communicative. Its quality is cardinal, meaning action-initiating and ambitious. This can be combined to de- scribe Libra as "active intellectual."
The parts of the body that are ruled by this sign are: kidneys, ovaries, and urine.
Some of the things that Libra rules are: alliances, cosmetics, furni- ture, poetry, and social affairs.
Five positive key words are: (1) diplomatic, (2) cooperative, (3) help- ful, (4) idealistic, and (5) sociable.
Five negative key words are: (1) indecisive, (2) dependent, (3) insin- cere, (4) lazy, and (5) self-indulgent.***

Libra is the sign of the balance. The symbol of Libra is a set of scales. It is interesting to note that of all of the symbols of the astrological signs, the only one that is mechanical, that is a device, that is not a living thing, are the scales of Libra.
In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians only weighed their harvest when there was a full moon in Libra. This seems to give some credence to my analogy that Libra is "harvest time," when we receive the fruits of our labor from our Aries house and reap the karma of past lifetimes' obli- gations.
Because of Librans' natural charm, they are excellent and thoughtful hosts. Their homes reflect their love of harmony and are comfortable and attractive. They enjoy people and hate to see them leave—usually urging them to stay just a little longer. It is easy to relax in their homes, for the atmosphere is one of peace and restfulness.
Since they enjoy people so much, Librans have a difficult time being alone. Because of this, they need to share their life with someone. Un- fortunately, they have a tendency to be "in love with love," because of their romantic and sentimental natures.
Thus, they could easily rush into marriage without forethought and end up in a difficult relationship.
They find it almost impossible to remain emotionally stable if there is discord around them. This leads to their wanting peace at any price, which allows others to take advantage of them.
Indecisiveness is certainly one of the hardest problems for Librans to overcome. If they wait too long to make a decision, they may miss many excellent opportunities. Since they have the ability to see both sides of an argument, they generally do not like to choose either one. You rarely hear them say, "Yes, you're right." They usually say instead, "Let's wait and see what happens." Since they are able to see the entire issue, if they are asked for help, they can give sound, practical advice. But their attempt to be all things to all men can lead them into hot water. They cannot be a Republican for one friend and a Democrat for another, for it isn't long before their two friends have compared notes and discovered the discrepancy. The other problem they find hard to handle is the desire to put off tasks for as long as they can. Because of this, they have a reputation for being lazy. This is not generally true, for when they are motivated, they can do anything quickly and efficiently.
The symbol of the balance is presented to represent a fundamental axiom of nature. It is the nature of equilibrium, or how forces of nature always seek to balance themselves. We also see related to this symbol for Libra a ubiquitous goddess who holds aloft a scale in her hand, which is often used for the sign of justice. On some occasions, this goddess is blindfolded in order to represent the impartial nature of the law, so in these times if we approach a building of justice or courts of the law, we will often see this symbol of a woman blindfolded holding aloft a scale or a balance. This sign this symbol has very ancient roots, and it illustrates for us how nature itself manifests and functions both in the very small scale and the very large scale. The stellar influence of Libra can assist us in that process, by providing us with a balancing influence in the psyche in the kidneys, in the heart, in the mind.
The scale can also represent the balance of heart and mind; when you look at Anubis in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, on the scale he balances a feather and a jar. The jar holds the heart. The feather is the mind. These two have to be in perfect balance in us. We have to learn to think with the heart and feel with the head in order to receive the intuition, the guidance of the Being. These two aspects have to be in balance. That state of equilibrium is the point of departure for the creation of the soul. In other words, if you do not have psychological balance, if you do not have the capacity to consciously control your three brains, then how is God going to give you power? How can God give you the Kundalini if you cannot control the energies that are inside? In that sense we can say our own God is somewhat like a parent who is watching his child, and how does he observe and measure his child? Through the heart and the kidneys. Of course the heart is where we have our feelings, our will, our intention. In our kidneys we have our chastity or our lust. So our own inner God measures us in this way.
When we have received or when we have established this psychological equilibrium in ourselves, learning how to be conscious of our three brains, to consciously control our psyche, this does not mean the ego is eliminated. It means we our developing the capacity to be in a state of self-observation and self-remembering from moment to moment. We are developing the will to not be ruled by the mind, by the ego, by desire. Then if we our practicing chastity, if working with a spouse, if we our transforming our sexual energies, then that divine intelligence of the Holy Spirit can give us that profound gift of the awakening of the Kundalini, but only then. That fire can then be raised through each body of the soul. And in that process create the soul and then become a real human being, but our problems do not stop there; the creation of the soul is not the elimination of the ego.
To create the soul is to create a vessel through which God can work. That soul or vessel is necessary in these times because the ego is so heavy and so complex we that we need a high voltage transmitter to direct our sexual forces in an extremely potent and forceful way by the guidance of our Divine Mother to eliminate the ego. If you are single you can still do it. You can make enormous progress as a single person working on your own, transmuting your sexual energy. But someone who is in a couple has a lot more energy available, and when they develop the bodies they have even more, and they develop the soul. The danger also increases. In the same way that we use these energies in the wrong way to create ego, when we do not have the bodies when we do not have the fire, we can still do that when we have them. Just because you have created lets say the solar
astral body, does not mean you are free from making mistakes. In fact, your situation is even more delicate. The form and function of the solar astral body is a great current, a great capacitor, which can direct enormous forces, but if you are listening to the demon of the heart, that demon with his ill will, that wants to hurt others, you can inflict terrible damage, and accrue terrible karma. So these bodies are not just beautiful gifts without consequences. To receive them implies an enormous responsibility and great care has to be taken.
If we allow thoughts of resentment or anger or envy to process in our psyche this is bad. It is harmful for ourselves and others, but if we are transmuting our sexual energy, it is even worse, because those sexual forces are more powerful than in someone who is fornicating. Then that anger that resentment and that envy has more force and can produce more harm. Likewise, if you are transmuting the sexual energy and have the solar astral body or the solar mental body or the solar causal body, even more force, even more potential harm, because these bodies are transformers of energy but they transform by will.
Those initiates who create the solar bodies, who elaborate the soul, but do not eliminate the ego, are called Hanasmussen. This is a term from Arabic that means someone with a double center of gravity. They have some development in the soul, which is the upper part. In other words the soul related to the master, the spirit. Then they have a lower part, which is the ego, and these two centers of gravity are in constant conflict trying to control that human soul. So when someone has created those solar bodies, they are actually in the middle of an even greater conflict. There is a power there that God needs, but the ego wants. That is the great battle. That's why we read about the Pandavas in the Mahabarata. Krishna leads the Pandavas, those brothers, which are the soul. And they have to battle against the blind king, which is the ego.

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