#6LACK #50CENT #DEEPPURPLE #HOPSIN #Wizkid #FANTASIA #JEREMIH #PLIES #SAVAGE #PARTYNEXTDOOR #ARIANAGRANDE #Solange #CYNDILAUPER #JIMJONES #MISSYELLIOTT #NatalieLaRose #POSTMALONE #RICHTHEKID #VINCESTAPLES #BROCKLESNAR #XSCAPE #SAUCEWALKA #LILKIM #LANADELREY #XSCAPE #LUKEBRYAN #SKIPPADAFLIPPA #DSAVAGE #SELENAGOMEZ MODERN DATES [JUNE 22 - JULY 22]| TRUE DATES [ JULY 16 - AUG 6] Cancer {The Crab} is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, represented by Summer. It is associated with home, family and domesticity. Individuals born under this sign are caring, emotional, creative, imaginative, sympathetic, and nurturing. The undeveloped Cancer is prone to changeability, moodiness, defensiveness, over-nurturing (smothering) or clinginess.
Rules the Stomach, Breasts, Womb, Abdomen, Pancreas, Water Element, Traditional Ruler-Moon/Soul Ruler-Neptune.
Strengths Emotional and caring, creative and imaginative, domestic and security-oriented, protective and sympathetic
Weaknesses Changeable and moody, overemotional and defensive, clingy and excessively attentive and/or attached
SOUL PURPOSE To broadly care for and nurture humanity; to purify the emotional body and become more impersonal; to be the ‘Divine Mother’
Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Its glyph looks like this 69 . Its glyph symbolizes the breasts. The picture used to describe the sign is The Crab. Why? The crab carries his house on his back and moves through life in a curious zigzag way, sometimes snapping unnecessarily. Cancer people have these traits with their emotional ups and downs, and with their tendency to preach unnecessarily. Cancer ushers in the summer solstice, Cancer people enjoy any work connected with the sea, liquids, catering for public tastes, or supplying domestic needs. Opposite sign of the zodiac is Capricorn, Some of the careers are social workers, doctors, antique dealers, comedians, plumbers, shopkeepers, food industry, laundry, commerce, hotels. The key phrase is "I feel." The key word is "sympathy." Their basic nature is "the patriot (country, home, mom, and apple pie), the homemaker, and the family historian." Basically, Cancerians are conservative. Unfortunately, they are, also, born worriers. Their tendency to keep all their problems and worries to themselves is the reason many of them suffer from ulcers. They do not like to show emotions outwardly. But they unconsciously project how they are feeling without realizing it. Men have a difficult time with this sun sign because of its extreme femininity. It causes some of them to actively seek to prove their masculinity through sports or aggressive behavior. In love, the Cancer man is emotional and tender. The Cancer woman may also have a tendency to feel maternal towards her spouse. Cancer rules the public, and the public has always been ruled bytheir emotions. This fact is well known by propagandists and advertising agencies who exploit it. The United States is a Cancer country. The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor portrays the Cancer type at its best—a protective, yearning, sustaining quality. Henry VIII is a good example of a Cancer type who became totally undisciplined and John Calvin, who founded the Presbyterian Church, is another who went to the other extreme. The answer for all Cancer people is to seek their inner light (superconscious). These people are very p.sychic. If they would develop this gift to help others, their emotions would stabilize. A highly evolved Cancerian has the ability to inspire others.

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