Hush, I'm about my Jersey
Sweet med card mercy
Wrong Federollies seek to curse me
I just laugh with another half and that you think I would emote my statecraft
Cuz learn the math, I'm always miscast
Alone isn't always lonely

Not here for your cash, I'm doing fine budgeting my own stash
Believe me when I say, "never assume the crass daft remainging cast give a damn about your life raft."

What you found around in Cali doesn't concern me
Peace of mind, let's leave pasts behind, you heard me
Just mime or have a spine or count the line
Why you speak past 'what's the time?'
Professional at making others feel 'fine' by design
You can keep the crimes in your mind
I'd rather shine

Maybe someday you are going to Learn
I spurn those who yearn to concern themselves with what they think I'd yell
Just so they can run and tell a loose version descibing all of us in full detail:
Those who would be mighty but were marked to fail
I stand where they fell but that's nothing really new to tell
I'm feeling great, hope you're well

Finalee, no need to find a Leigh
HR Shark wants all the hearts
Leans back just hoping to find a spark to climb in your mind
I mean damn she's gorgeous, as she pushes that cart on her off day like that's the purpose.
No she mostly does fruit bowls
Maybe she just transferred, but she's hatless in checkout
Guess they trained her on everything

One of them LP who used to catch a few for the cameras
I know it from those homegoods, she thinks she hot on an internal
I mean I would get into you but that's for mourning Mrytles or that's not a step
It's a hurdle
I'm about my turtle no squirtle
They drop clues they knew where's my quarter
But it doesn't faze me, everyone is about betrayal unless you keep it tight
Because yes your life is worth it
Fits her skinny, but we've seen it all
She should know that I would know
That this is how it goes
It's a design for your mind that should eat at you over the work time

Two let their guards down, metamorphosis
She acts like friendly clown leading sheep into the forest
Keep that head down careful when threes a crowd

Simple people sit at a distance when trying to discern
Behind their screens of concern,
So they spend their days talking to corporate about germs, buzzwords, and company terms
Stare at the musketeers, but its not fear
Because see threes a crowd, that could quicken and confirm
Their own narrative of your life if you read the type too long and buy their ride of strife
You might be gone
Left wondering if this is real life like you're Daniel
Known as a handful and so it says between the lines on the form
Hey hey so normed, they conform social media hawks full of scorn
I don't second guess, I watch, I learn.
I have my thoughts, Civ is played turn by turn
Now its Illadelph when we burn

Better back doing mine
My Light shines while their's hardly shone, together or alone
Like Kayleigh killing work time on her phone

Speaker leakers, watch your own sneakers
I understand you just force the theater
Rinse and repeaters
Better off alone
She swung
Now just watch the meter
Who won?
it doesn't matter unless you a deatheater
I laugh, never would want to meet her
About my Randy Johnson smokey heater

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