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"Valuable combat resources? Are you talking about our soldiers, or about mobile suits?"

"It is not that the pure lack direction, but that their minds are free."

-Treize Khushrenada

The reviewer found the sayings of Themistocles to be “snowy and splendid,” those of Phocion to be “curt and sharp" and, those of Cato “grave and shrewdly humorous.” [17] Carl Rollyson lauded the biography of Caesar as proof Plutarch is “loaded with perception” and stated that no biographer “has surpassed him in summing up the essence of a life – perhaps because no modern biographer has believed so intensely as Plutarch did in ‘the soul of men.’" [18]

    Electronica, set, mix, electronic, remix, mashup
    • Type: Live
    • 149 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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    • Golden Triangle, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
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