Sample hunt & production by DJ Prince (Norway)

Soul Searchers -ashleys roachclip (main drums)
Sound experience - Boogie Woogie(conga break)
Play school lp "Bang on a drum (BBC) -end break

Soul Searchers -ashleys roachclip (flute)
salsoul Orcherstra - ooh i love it(intro)
Dennis Edwards - Dont look any further(replayed bassline)
James Brown - Hot pants(gitar)

vocal bits:
Geoffrey sumner - this is a journey into sound,train sequence(decca 1958)
Eric b and Rakim - i know you got soul(pump up the volume, dance with the record)
Ofra haza - in nin alu
Saturday night style - Mikey Dread(You make me feel so good)
Industrial spy -Mikey Dread (oh my gosh the music just turns me on)
Soul man - Sweet Charles (he is a sweet soul brother)
His Imperial Majesty - Mikey Dread & Rod Taylor(Please sir would you mind saying that again)
orginal concept - pump that bass
Peech boys -Don't make me wait(hahahaha)
Lyn Collins - we want to parrty(let me count it off 1,2,3,4)
James Brown - Hot Pants(1,2,3,uh)
hasan and 7-11 - emotions can be serious(female crying)
bye George, even London grooves - The Buggers - bugger groove

Movies & radio
Adventures of superman ep01 baby from krypton 02.12.1940(I throw this switch)
Big Sleep - Humphrey Bogart (Wait a minute, you'd better talk to my mother")
Little caesar(1932)(Back in the club)
We interrupt this broadcast to bring to you A special news bulletin from out On the spot passport - Don Pardon(SNL)
OK, alright(Ronald Reagen) - 7" single with magazine

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