Profile description of Pradeep Prabhu:

DJs from India have been rising in popularity in recent years
and one of the forerunners of the new generation of Indian DJs
has been Pradeep Prabhu also known as Dj Pradeep.

Hailing from Mumbai/India Pradeep is an active mixer with loads of style, energy & passion.
Here's a dj with no bull - just raw talent for the music he plays.

Only a few in the country can be as effective through their musicality diversity & unpredictability and still be well recognized & respected.
With a unique combination of Music his style has always gained him a lot of appreciation by fellow artists & fans alike.
Pradeep's mix-sets are a testament to his adaptability and cohesion of his musical influences, all weaved together in a seamless manner.

This energetic Indian started his career with The signature Razz Rhino Club that helped him hone his skills
to an amazing level. Besides skill, his performances offer a lot of soul and emotion and everybody who has seen him live agrees that he knows how to make any venue feel intimate.
In recent years Pradeep has started touring more and his international popularity has steadily been rising. If you get the chance to catch him live, don’t miss it.

Pradeep’s music and sets have a lot of depth and so does his personality and is known for his deep knowledge about music as well.
He currently tours the world intensively and resides in India.

With so many DJs out there these days, it's very difficult to stand out from the crowd.
So the choice of tunes that he plays is what fits in with His style and not what is deemed the latest, greatest, biggest, blah blah by all the record stores.
Juggling a whole surfeit of musical hats, Pradeep strives to be ahead of the curve while staying true to his underground roots, one step at a time.

When He Is playing He loves watching the crowd and feeling what they want next
and then giving it to them 100%. As any DJ will tell you when the crowd
is pumping and you are all connecting as one there is simply nothing like it!

He Has been a DJ since 2000 but a lover of dance music for as long as
He can remember.

Club Residencies Include Razz Rhinoceres, J49, Fultoo, Tendulkar's, Insomnia, Rock Bottom, Mv Ocean Life Cruise,Arola,Ark, Barfly By Buddha Bar/ abu Dhabi, Illuminati.




For Booking Queries Contact

+91 9167734332.

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    • 130 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Mumbai, India
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