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    #10 CIVIL WAR by DJPPR
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Welcome to 2022!!!
Ok so a word of explination on this one guys. This set is an experiment that came to mind shortly after a friend turned me on to so called "Hick Hop".Now I detest country music with a vengeance but some of this shit was pretty cool, and as I started listening to what they were saying I had an epiphany. Music is the best representation of the cultures they come from, so with that in mind what would happen if I put those cultures against each other using their music and words instead of lies, fists, and guns? This is the end result of that experiment. Its my hope it gives all a moment of pause, and lets us take a chance to see things from other points of view. The music is cool. However do not expect "Hick Hop" to appear much in my future work. If nothing else it shows that if we dont stop hating each other we may very well be headed to another "CIVIL WAR". happy New Year all......DJPPR

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    Industrial, hick hop, country rap, Instrumental Hip Hop, Industrial Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Industrial, rap, horror rap, djppr, the grid, the power source show
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    • Greenville, United States
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