dj PASH - Drum'n'Bass Session 1 :

  1. Red Red Wine (Intro)
  2. Twisted Anger feat. Danny C. & Ray Keith "The Mexican"
  3. Tomahawk "Until Dawn"
  4. Ed Funk "Lazy Afternoon"
  5. Dj Phantasy Cobbz + Gurley feat. Amma "Your Love"
  6. Blackstreet "No Diggity"(D&B Remix)
  7. Infrared vs Gil Felix "Capoeira"
  8. Gusto "Disco's Revenge"(D&B Remix)
  9. Busta Rhymes "Dangerous"(Drum'n'Bass Remix)
  10. Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes" (The Xquizit DJ X D&B Dub Mix)
  11. Jungle Brothers "I'm A Jungle Brother"(D&B Remix)
  12. Dj Patife "Sambassim"
  13. The Insiders "Halo"
  14. Roni Size "Scrambled Eggs"
  15. Unknown vs. Nelly Furtado & Ms. Jade "Ching Ching"
  16. Black Liner feat. Sweetie Irie "Get Wild"
    Mixed by dj PASH - Switzerland 2003
    Drum & Bass
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