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This last winter a close friend of mine started a series of events at her gallery space titled "Sight Unseen" in order to showcase the work of local visual projection artists. She asked me to be the resident dj providing a soundtrack of ambient, experimental, and IDM to complement the visual art.

Event concept statement:
"Projected visuals and light art are usually found as an added treat to an music event, festival or movement performance, but usually more like a nice after thought than an intended focus. The visual artists behind them are usually tucked away in a dark corner somewhere, working live for hours on end, their name added to the end of the line up with little to no recognition for the work they spent months creating, and then performing live all night.
"Sight Unseen" will give these artists the opportunity to be the highlight and focus for the evening and flip the regular art show format into a more immersive experience.
Expect anything from 3D projection, VR, timelapses, GIF art, live digital painting, kinetic and sound responsive, analog, projection mapping, and all sorts of VJ goodness. All creating wonderfully relaxing environment that will leave you feeling elated, wonderous, and immersed in art.."

High quality speakers or headphones are recommended.
Photo by: Chris Haines

    Panabrite - Calculations [Sturmundrugs]
    Monster Planet - Resting in Ward E [SYNPROV CORP]
    Russ Young - Common Pond [Audiobulb]
    Funckarma - Pipe Screen [Funcken Industry]
    Fieldtriqp - Secretary H [Milieu Music]
    Phil Western - Asleep: part 11 [The Record Company]
    Acharné - Plateau [unreleased]
    Bauri - Att Lapa Sol [High Grade Media]
    Nebulo - Kido / Pause [Hyman]
    aAirial - sonOr_11 [Crazy Language]
    Arkanau - Your Love is Fading [Clean Error]
    Arovane - Woven (Peter Benisch remix) [Touched]
    Mr. Projectile - High Five to Space Time [bandcamp]
    A/D - Eridanus [Cytoplantastic]
    The Gasman - Gfx1 (Kayla Painter remix) [Touched]
    Hanssen - Cholesterol (Pezzner remix) [Hush Hush]
    Production Unit Xero - Adrift in Spacedust [Component Recordings]
    Autechre - krYlon [Warp]
    iamb 57 - Filic 9 [Crazy Language]
    Wisp - Fading on Tape [Rephlex]
    Legiac - Jefre Tremix [Tympanik Audio]
    Sapphirine Phlant - Berøre Av Frøya [Touched]
    Acharné - Gauze [Seppuku]
    Weith - Essential Incompleteness [Touched]
    Sense - Salutations [Touched]
    Clark - Everlane [Warp]

    Ambient, IDM, Delicate Glitch, Experimental, A/V, Mokedo
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