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A little more about me........
Im a dj and fan of anything uk underground dance from 80s house/ piano house/ 90shouse/ oldskool hardcore/ happy hardcore/ trance/ breakbeat/ jungle/ drum n bass
i joined the early uk rave scene as a teenager in 1991 listening to the house and rave djs and tunes, as we moved into 92 the likes of prodigys experience changed my life.
i became even more interested in the underground rave scene sweeping the uk.
i began to mix around late 93, i had no turntables so i grabbed a couple of hi fi systems, wired a speaker to each 1 and then the 2 speakers together, i began to play the records using the volume of each system as my cross fader and my finger as the pitch to mix the tracks together
eventually i bought my first set of turntables that were soundlab dlp 1600s by now the rave scene was well under way and begining to split into what would become happy hardcore/ drum n bass, i followed both paths for a while before around late 96 hardcore took over, i estabished myself as a hardcore dj and got a few local gigs whilst still raving all weekend myself, this carried on into the early 00s until real life and a family took over
I kept hold of my decks and as the kids grew began to get back into the swing of things but the dj world had evolved so i bought a set of cdjs to acompany my 1210s.
not doing to much in the way of djing apart from our own parties and sessions with the lads since then; until i was pursuaded to record some stuff to put online, so i did n here we are!
i just want to share the music i love with likeminded people, iv egot 30 years of great music to work with so more sets will be on the way from all underground genres
please feel free to check out my other sets uploaded so far
thanks to u all and lets keep the vibe alive!!!!

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