Profile description of DjEef 's Records:

DjEef ‘s Records is a Label & Radio Station made in France.
We promote our artists everywhere.
DjEef ‘s Records love our music & broadcast our Music bands, Musicians, DJs, Producers
DjEef 's Records is a Label for House Music / Deep House / Afro House / Techno / Trance / Hip Hop.
We released EP’s, Single’s & Albums for all artists worldwide.

    13:40   Christian Hornbostel - Chemical Species
    21:20   Oliver Huntemann - Terra (Joseph Capriati Remix)
    25:20   DJ Andrew - SPP
    39:40   Roog - Igohart
    44:00   Zetbee - Back On The Ground
    50:00   Kenny Dope - Piano Groove
    58:20   DJ Gomi - Piano Groove
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