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Long Island DJ is born at age 14
My journey as a Long Island DJ began my freshman year of high school. His parents bought him a mixer, and amp, and some compact disc players, and believe it or not a tape deck. Paul became addicted to his setup.He became a fixture at his percents pool party barbeques. About one year later he got his 1st paid gig on City Long island. “I remember loading my mom’s station wagon with all of my gear,There was barely any room for me”. He made $75 that 1st party. The success of that party showed people how entertaining his music and his personality was

Paul brings is unorthodox Long Island Dj style to Long Island University: Southampton
With his love of performing trumpet since he was in 4th grade, he became a natural Dj. His early success in Dj’ing led him to go to Long Island University to major in broadcasting. He started at CW Post college, and came close to giving up on broadcasting when he was failing his intro to communications class his first semester. Paul was commuting from Eastport to Brookville everyday for classes and it became too much for him to handle. He bounced back to get an A in the class.The first semester of Southampton he got excited about having his own radio show on the college radio station, WLIU. Every week Paul went down to the gloomy WLIU to do his hip-hop radio show which he was appropriately titled “The Pure Sound Show”. Most of Paul’s show was about the new hip-hop music that was fresh. He was surprised to see that the radio station didn’t have a hip-hop library Being the advocator Paul is, he got involved in getting music for him and the station.On his own he kept writing letters to every music company there was look for music that he could play on his show.It was difficult but entering his junior year he had a good percentage of the music labels sending in product.Paul was hip-hop on Southampton College.Djdealeyo was becoming an influential Long Island DJ

Meanwhile on a social level,Paul was striving.He got involved with promoting WLIU outside of the box.He became a fixture on Wednesday afternoon they called it “Windup-Wednesday” Paul would play live (bringing all of his equipment) to the Galley to play while one of the other radio members of the radio station would sell 50 cent used cd’s to fundraise.At the same time that Paul was striving as an innovator at WLIU, Pure Sound Entertainment began to strive in the college community.Paul was busy playing most college events, and basketball games.If music was happening on the campus chances are Paul was involved with it. Unofficially Paul the music director for hip-hop & R&B. At the same time the music hip-hop library at WLIU was growing to a point where people knew where to find it. Paul established some contacts in the music industry. In addition to getting the music Paul would be offered to attend free concerts and the station was receiving free promotional material. His junior year Paul brought Staten island’s finest Anomos & Stealth to perform at the college. Paul has a respect for unknown, underground artists and bringing them to campus proved to be an excellent event. Paul advertised the event saying that were shooting a music video. The rumors spread that MTV was going to be there but that was not true. A lot of people looked at Paul in a whole new light after that event.Paul achieved an icon status on the campus during his junior year. Bringing recognition to WLIU was important to Paul. He got the station published in College Music Journal. Paul’s love for the college community who embraced him, and his love for making things happen at the radio station were inspirational.

His senior year he had his eye on being the man at WLIU.With the support of the community and the disc jockeys he added General Manager to his title as music director. His final year was equally successful.The senior year he put WLIU on the computer airwaves, with help from his brother Matt he established a web site for WLIU. Paul was also instrumental in bringing in much needed audio equipment, and computers for the station. With Paul at the helm WLIU was all over the place his senior year. During the last couple months Paul got involved in yet another project. Paul was instrumental in getting Southampton College to move the radio station to a more visible place on campus.Paul advocated for a new structure to be placed in the rat, which would make WLIU noticeable to the campus community so students would know they were on and encourage people to listen. Paul was still on the air doing his hip-hop show.If you were talented you were encouraged to stop by and drop a verse during the freestyle session that became a fixture on the show.The last month of college when students were thinking about final exams, Paul was thinking about going out with a boom.He had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Grand Agent (A Tribe Called Quest) on the telephone and brought in international sensation Toshi Kuboto into the studio.That same show we had a group in that was a reflection of the past.The Arsonists were in town to perform at the annual springfest festival. Paul was introduced to the Arsonists in the beginning stages of listening to hip-hop so he was excited about the opportunity to have them in the studio The chemistry was amazing as the Arsonists and Paul were entertaining as hell on the air.They ended the show with a freestyle that was intended to be paul and the arsonists, but Paul didn’t get his turn on the mic. Paul acheived celebrity status when Paul was called upon again to introduce the crowd to the bands at Springfest 2001. Paul’s goal was to take it easy that day and drink but being the effective entertainer he is he couldn’t pass down a call like that.You should have seen him, it was amazing he really knows how to get a crowd hyped up.Now that sounds like a lot for most people but for Paul he strives with more to do, and he’s always thinking about making a lasting impression.I think a lot of people will not forget his commitment to his community. My focus on being a long island dj has died down alot since Paul has been concentrating on his career goals. Paul has alot of jobs in the administrative assistant, and the pool field still working diligently to reach his goals. Recently i’ve moved into the digital age and will know be playing music through the computer. It’s a digital age, and i have made the transition with my latest device the Mixtrack pro, and Virutal dj. Look out for more entertaining mixes, and more samples on my two monthly mixes that are playable and downloadable every month.

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In 2011 after a 20 year run as a Long Island Dj ,
I changed the name of the business to We had a good run as Pure Sound Entertainment but it was time for name change. As i’m trying to appeal to more people. i grew up in Eastport and i’ve lived in Hampton Bays, and Southampton and i credit living in those areas to my development as a Long Island Dj and as a person. I’m also trying to tackle the internet so i’m the one showing up on the first page of google. A challenge that i gladly accept. Look out Djdealeyo is prepared for stardom and being one of long island dj hall of fame. My other venture is LIDJSCHOOL. A school designed to teaching the future dj’s of the world. Find out more here

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