Profile description of Dj/Producer Daniel Noronha:

Daniel was Born in the land of Santa Catarina,in Brazil, the famous effervescence of electronic music in Brazil, Daniel Noronha discovered his passion for electronic music in 1999 already living in Bauru, São Paulo.
But it was in 2011, directed by DJ and music producer Elton Patrizi, he began his career as a DJ debuting in style in Labirinthus Mix Lounge, a club of the city he chose to live.
Soon, his technique, coupled with its tasteful, charisma and vibrant performance audiences conquer the slopes leading to the command of the biggest parties and the best clubs in Brazil and Ásia.
Daniel has striking passages in clubs like The Society, Sonique Bar, Black Box Club, The Club Litoral, Livre Bar, Josefine, San Sebastian and D-Led presentations at big festivals, including Republika, Index Pool Party and Get Wet Pool Party.
With an evident rise in career, the handsome and competent DJ has established itself as one of the great revelations of e-music in 2012 and now makes strides in the music production market.
Now living in Vietnã, he bring all your vibe to this new experience at the Asian dancefloor.


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