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    For Lovers Only

    For Lovers Only by DJ Bylamplight
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"I give my thanks to all the music makers all around the world because they bring joy and happiness into everybody's heart" ~ Sumo Brothers

Enlightment - Him Who’s On Top of the World
O’Conner - Too Sweet To Lose
The Isley Brothers — Between The Sheets
Passion - Midnight Lovers
Psychic Mirrors — Midnight Special
The World Famous Mad Lad’s and the Jest “Us” Band — I Think I’m Falling For You
General Caine - For Lovers Only
Dionne Warwick — Can’t Hide Love
Bibio — Town & Country
Patterson Twins — I Need Your Love
Nebula — Nice
Sun — A Love Affair
Star Blazers - Danger Zone
Zackey Force Funk — Lover Lane
Henry Wu — Just Negotiate
Blue Magic — Secret Lover

    4:00   Donald O'Conner - Too Sweet To Lose
    8:20   The Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets
    11:20   Passion - Midnight Lovers
    14:20   Psychic Mirrors - Midnight Special
    29:00   Dionne Warwick - Can't Hide Love
    31:40   Bibio - Town & Country
    49:00   Zackey Force Funk - Lover Lane
    52:00   Henry Wu - Just Negotiate (feat. Simeon Jones)

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