So, I've wanted to make a deep house podcast for over a year now, but I've always made excuses for not getting around to it. Well, the time's finally arrived!

One of the best challenges of being a DJ is experimenting with different genres of music and this is definitely a completely different sound for me. However, it's also a sound that I love listening to so I knew I'd enjoy making it. I wanted to make a mix that you'd play while sitting by the pool, looking out over the Aegean Sea or the Hollywood Hills with a cocktail in your hand and hope in your heart.

This is certainly no high-energy gym mix — it's a 180 from everything else on this page (with the exception of my "NYC Made Me Do It" podcast, which has a strong deep house section in it).

It's certainly not my best mixing technically, but it's my first time doing a podcast mostly at 124 BPM. For a while towards the top I even experiment with 3 and sometimes 4 tracks playing at once. Still, I'm really happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it as well.

My next high energy February podcast should be done in a week.

My Upcoming Live Schedule:

February 2nd – Size Sundays, Here lounge, West Hollywood
February 3rd - "Vampire Academy" release party, Lure nightclub, Hollywood
February 16th - Tortilla Republic, West Hollywood
February 21st - 23rd, 2014 – [Elevation: Park City] (gay ski week)
February 28th - Stripper Circus, Share Nightclub, Las Vegas
March 23rd - Size Sundays, Here lounge, West Hollywood
March 30th - private event, Ixtapa, Mexico
April 6th - Tortilla Republic, West Hollywood
June 8th - Gay Pride L.A. (announcements to come!)

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    • Release Date: 2014-01-01
    • 124 bpm
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