So this is something I wrote back at the start of the year and it's been sat there gathering digital dust so I thought I should finish it as I quite like it. I've just written drawing from my love of old breakers tracks & broken beat in general! This version actually came as an after thought as the original mix is Soulful House but it just screemed out for this kind of mix.
It's a bit of a mish mash really of broken beat, breakbeat, Soul, funk with an 80's vibe in parts.
This is definately a fav pet project :) It's a funny thing but when you're working on multiple projects and flitting between them it can get a bit tiresom listening over and over to the same track trying to tweek it until it's sounds right but this particular track I've absolutely loved working on and it never got boring playing over and over. I think it's prob quite rare that a producer can say 'I'm 100% happy with that' in fact this applies to anyone with a creative element in their work but I'm content to box it off and get it out there...

However bubbles are there to be popped haha so feel free to leave me feedback good or bad ;)

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